What’s WRITE about JENNIFER!

Jennifer sporting a gorgeous shirt from her summer line! 

Quiet confidence is what comes to mind when I reflect on spending time with Jennifer Morrow, owner of Blushing Sparrow Boutique.  Her demeanor was the most interesting part about her, because it was strong, but like a whisper at the same time…almost like the scent of baby powder floating through the air…subtle, but unmistakable.  The name of her business mirrors her personality, though I don’t know if she realizes it or not.  She is blushing and humble, but free and full of life.  I think that is the thing that shines through her designs, and made me jump at the opportunity to help show them off.

Much like myself, Jennifer is drawn to feminine lace, ruffles, and hints of pink.  However she often pairs such items with distressed denim or more rugged materials.  And I love this…because, isn’t that life?  Pops of color and romance jaded by the beautiful messes?

Jennifer’s life has been much like her style…one with ups and downs, but mostly things she can be proud of at the end of the day.  The blonde business owner with the dimples for days was raised on the coast by two educators, and considers herself very lucky to have had the family and upbringing she had.  Her childhood was a happy one spent dressing up in tutus paired with her sequined Michael Jackson shirt, choreographing her own music videos.  However, apart from home, attending school in a district she didn’t live in, Jennifer felt like an outsider at times.  She was shy by nature, even though she chanted on the football sidelines with her cheerleading squad.  Perhaps this is when she first turned to fashion for self-expression…what she wore gave her a voice her bashful nature just wouldn’t.  And I for one, think that voice is tougher than it appears…it’s a voice perfectly frayed at the edges…optimistic but not without struggle.

As Jennifer grew up she became a teacher, married, and had a gorgeous son, Griffin.  During this bittersweet era she gave birth to what she considers to be her greatest accomplishment, but also had to recover from a painful divorce.  It was time to find that faint voice inside, and let it out more boldly than ever, the best way she knew how to.  So, she poured herself into building a business that not only made her feel alive, but would reach other women, and help them feel great about what’s on the inside by looking confident on the outside.  She built an online and pop-up clothing store with boutique styles that don’t break the bank.  And by sharing her vision with the world, she discovered one of the best parts of herself.

Jennifer with her greatest accomplishment!

She was nervous at first to switch gears and launch something of her very own, but with that inner-strength she wears like a fun understated accessory, she did it.  She looked at past failures as tiny blips in life that are really just learning experiences when examined in hindsight, and she marched on.  Thankfully, she also had encouragement from other women in her life who made her feel “strong and creative”.  Jennifer says, “I believe women supporting women is vital.”  And I love that she uses that particular word…It literally means “being the seat or source of life.”  What power we have over one another, to give bits of life to another human, or to take it away.  I’m grateful that there are women who want to pour into other women and breathe that life into them instead of sucking it out.  It made all the difference for Jennifer, and that’s the very thing she hopes to give back…that support and encouraging confidence.  She does so through her friendships, and her talents…renders that support, most vital. ~

                 by Lorna Hollifield

To Shop Jennifer’s styles visit http://www.blushingsparrow.com

Follow Blushing Sparrow and Jennifer on Instagram! http://www.instagram.com/blushingsparrow

Check out some of my favorite styles below!!!




Photography by Morgan Allen http://www.instagram.com/mowilliamsart


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