What’s WRITE About ALISA!

Alisa Turner, Nutrition Coach

People today are realizing more than ever, perhaps, that the old adage “you are what you eat,” is absolutely true. We see news stories every day about something in our cupboard causing cancer, attributing to that stubborn belly fat, or making your kids bounce off the walls.  Then we turn the page and are told to be vegan, or paleo, or pescatarian.  We want to be healthy, but we get confused.  How do we avoid the bad we here so much about?  How do we unclog the arteries, reach the goal weight, or prevent diabetes, and still enjoy life?  Are we suppose to live off boiled water?

The problem is that everyone is different.  Health issues, natural tastes, or even religious beliefs can contribute to what makes up one’s diet.  We have an identity with our diets, a sense of self connected to them.  Food can mean joy, comfort, family tradition, and so much more.  So why are we reading blanket articles that tell us all to eat the same way?  And how do we stay healthy without losing our unique tastes?  There may finally be an answer for Charlestonians, and her name is Alisa Turner.  Her true “soul” food, delicious and clean, will make you happy to become what you eat.

When I recently met the LowCountry woman who is changing the way we approach nutrition in the greater Charleston area, I was blown away by her approach.  With one-on-one nutrition coaching, Alisa Turner will work with the individual however it makes sense to you.  She will actually teach you what to eat and how to cook it in a personal or semi-private setting.  She will analyze how food fits into the whole picture, and get you on your personal track to wellness.  Whether you are struggling with weight loss, recovering from a medical procedure, or fighting a health issue, Alisa has a plan that she’ll craft for your body.  Even if you’re already enjoying good health, but just want to learn more incredible recipes, Alisa is your girl.  She’ll even invite you and all your friends into her kitchen for a fun girl’s night with a little wine and wellness.  Want a fun date night?  Schedule a couple’s cooking class.  Above all, she just wants to share her passion for holistic healthy living with you.  The little girl who used to have supper waiting on her parents is now a woman who wants to keep spreading the love to her Charleston friends and neighbors!

Alisa recently hosted four girlfriends, and myself for a delicious 3 course meal.  I told her that two of us were vegan so she made an incredible beat and arugula salad with homemade dressing, and a mushroom stir fry with cashew cream sauce.  I left full and satisfied, but comfortable that I’d eaten a clean meal that fit all of my personal requirements.  On top of the scrumptuous food, was the wine and laughter.  Alisa, a little nervous at first, simply because she cares about others just so dang much, became one of the girls in minutes.  We were just hanging out and getting healthy with an incredible wife and mom trying to better everyone she can by sharing her amazing craft.  We became just a group of women supporting other women in life and health, and it was a blast!

Amazing marinated beet salad!

As we sat chatting, and eating I learned more about the woman behind the apron.  Alisa grew up loving exercise, fitness, and food, heavily influenced by her amazing parents.  However, her turning point was when she learned about Ayurvedic medicine and nutrition while getting her yoga certification.  She decided to share the knowledge with those around her, and then build a business that helps everyone to live WHOLE lives.

If you’re thinking of changing your health for the better, meet up with Alisa for a consultation, and see how she can work for you.  You can catch her in the kitchen, on the beach, or bopping around town.  Wherever you decide to catch her, just do it.  Reach out, and at least start the conversation about your health.  The worst that can happen is you’ll feel great, and make a wonderful connection with a woman who believes in REAL food and REAL friendship!

by Lorna Hollifield


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Alisa with all of her healthy options!




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