What’s WRITE about SHAWNA!

shawnaShawna is one of those people you just enjoy being around.  Something amazing is all curled up in her boho dresses and surfer’s hair, something that exudes an airy ocean-scented confidence and an equally felt sunny warmth.  She’s just kind of cool in that way little beach huts or sun freckles on shoulders are…she has cozy character.  She has a “way,” which makes her this week’s writable woman!

Since I got my book deal last year, Shawna has taken me under her wing, helping me to look my best for book jackets, promotional ads, tv appearances, and speaking engagements.  It’s no secret that I’m a really prissy bookworm.  I feel most confident when my skin is glowing and my hair is bright blonde and flowing.  Shawna never fails to help me accomplish that…but, it isn’t just the skill and service alone.  Don’t get me wrong, Shawna Amella is the best there is when it comes to precision and professionalism, but it’s her personality that makes me stick around.  I’m one of those people who connect to everything I do in life.  It’s why I write.  So when I’m in the chair, I need to feel like I’m with a friend, and that it’s genuine.  The art of being personal is often lost these days, but not at Bohemia Salon, not on Shawna’s watch.

Shawna and I bonded so quickly over our love of saltwater, blonde hair, and The LowCountry lifestyle.  Her face lit up when she said to me, “Charleston is where you can find your people.  You have that southern hospitality, but because you have so many people, from so many places, it’s a little bit different.”  And I couldn’t agree more!  I’ve met so many incredible locals and nearly natives here, always willing to stand together, and support each other.  Shawna gets that.  She loves the concept of women always supporting women, and she loves to build confidence and self-esteem through her work.  She can help people communicate their inner passions on the outside through personal style.  What feels better than that!?

She says to me, “There was a point in my career where I thought, I’m just making people pretty.  Is it enough?  Then I realized it’s just that glow I can give people.  Self-esteem is magic.”

I can’t believe she ever even questioned herself, because Shawna is one of those people always setting out to make a difference.  Just like she rescues elderly Great Danes just to love them in their twilight years, this is a woman who leads with love.

Coco Chanel said, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”  Think about it; sometimes that alteration of our outward appearance symbolizes the revolution we’re having inside.  Especially for women.  It’s just like the metamorphosis of a butterfly.  She breaks out of the cocoon, shows off those pretty new wings, then gets the confidence to fly.  Don’t you want someone like Shawna, someone who cares so much,  by your side when you take flight?   There’s a reason she named her daughters Starr and Skyye.  She clearly believes a girl has the ability to soar to the greatest of heights the universe has to offer.  That’s the kind of woman I want as one of my trusted teammates.  Wouldn’t you? ~

by Lorna Hollifield

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1 thought on “What’s WRITE about SHAWNA!

  1. Joannah Sampson March 9, 2018 — 1:22 am

    Well, you nailed it when you wrote about Shawna! She is all that and more. Her heart, personality and caring nature know no bounds. She is friend, confidant and sister all wrapped up in one sparkly amazing package. I am proud to be able to name her as a friend. Miss Sassy Pants reigns supreme!!


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